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"The workmanship of All-Star Contractors will satisfy any perfectionist. A pleasure to deal with."

  • We wanted to thank you for the great job that you and your crew did while putting the addiion onto our house. Both my wife and I are very happy with the final product and we truly appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of your workers. In short, we would recommend All Star Contracting for any job. The crew was very courteous, neat and conscientious about us being able to live in our house as construction was under way. Alex
  • "Thanks for the professional job and the extra mile you went to please us."
  • All Star Contractors changed the home we always loved into the place we've always dreamed of! Bill. "Thanks again for the terrific job and your fairness. We will be calling you again in the near future.
  • Just wanted to thank All Star Contracting for an outstanding job on the addition of our front porch. It was a pleasure to work with you and your people and refreshing to find a man in construction that is good to his word. The care your carpenters showed in building our porch and their attention to detail has transformed the front of our home. We absolutely cannot say enough about the quality ofr workmanship your carpenters displayed. Our porch is truly unique in all aspects of its design and quality. We would highly recommend All Star Contractors to all we now for any of their construction needs. Richard.
  • "We want you to know how much we love your addition. Your professionalism and excellent workmanship were apparent from the onset of the project.
  • Can you imagine...A contractor who not only does great work, but finished on budget and ahead of time? That what I got when I hired Bill and All Star Contracting. I needed a contractor to finish up a project abandoned by another firm. My realtor recommended Bill. We drew up a contract including milestones and payments based on them. I figured this time I I knew what was coming and how to protect myself. Instead, I got a contractor who listened, and crews who were friendly without being intrusive. I got tasks finished before I was expected to pay for them. I got quality work that passed inspection without a second glance. I got advice on how tosoleproblemsin cost effective ways. I added tasks and still had money left at the end of the project. Want quality, honesty, solid work and results. All Star Contractors are the solutions. Since then, he has done two more projects for me and everything I said about the first was still true. This week, I had water coming into my living room on Saturday. Monday, Bill came out to look it over. We decided Tuesday morning to go with a new roof, and before the next rain Thursday afternoon it was done, and at a great price. My husband works for an outdoor mall where they are having roofing work done, and he says there are roofing nails everywhere. Not here! Everything was bagged and set out for my trash service to take. And the new roof looks great! Carmen S.
  • Bill from All Star Contractors asked me to send a note regarding my experience dealing with them. Let me just sum it up by saying, they get the job done. Prior to working with All Star, I had another contractor who really let me down by not finishing the work and doing poor quality work on some of what was done. After speaking with Bill and his framer, I felt that I could rely on All Star to correct the poor work and complete the rest of the job. In a very short time, they were able to turn my project around and get it back on track and we are now in the final stages of the project. Anytime you do an addition to your home, you have some degree of interruption and discomfort in your daily routine and minimizing the length of time for that was an important factor. I would recommend All Star to anyone who wants fast, quality work done. Richard R.
  • All Star Contracting changed the home we always loved into the place we've always dreamed of. B.M.
  • We wanted to thank you for the great job that you and your crew did while putting the addition onto our house. Both my wife and I are very happy with the final product and we truly appreciate the professionalism and knowledge of your workers. In short, I would recommend All Star Contractors for any job. The crew was very courteous, neat and conscientious about us being able to live in our house as construction was under way. We were pleased with years of experience that Bill and his crew had under their belts. This helped us envision our plan and constantly adjust the plan to get around unforeseen problems and to help us modify our own plans. We did not even plan a back porch, but when Bill mentioned that a back porch would look completely in context with our house and our plans, we immediately saw the charm that it would add to the house. I would recommend Bill Embley for any addition or interior job! Thanks again! Alex R.
  • In working with All Star Contractors, I found that they had splendid design ideas, superior quality workmanship, and crews that were a joy to work with. Jeff D.
  • We are very pleased with the deck built for us by All Star Contracting. Of all the contractors we talked to, they offered the best value for the money and their decks had the most finished appearance. The construction crew worked in the rain to finish on schedule. Thanks. David H.
  • We would like to thank you for the great job you did on our sunroom addition and the deck. From your help in planning, over the red tape of township inspections, to the final construction, everything turned out great. We especially like the workmanship on the cedar panelling and the intricate tile work on the fish pond you did. We recommend your company to anybody. Wolfgang S.
  • I am very pleased with the work done by All Star Contractors. Bill remained fair, hoest and open to communication throughout all phases of the project. His employees were trustworthy and I felf comfortable leaving my home open to them each day as I left for work. I give a sincere recommendation to All Star Contractors. Bobbie E.
  • I have had the displeasure of hiring many contractors over the past several years and I have the shoddy workmanship and stomach ulcers to prove it. Needless to say, I called All Star Contractors of Hunterdon County with great trepidation. Thankfully my concerns were unnecessary. My first pleasant surprise is when the owner actually returned my phone call. The second is that he not only showed up for an estimate, but was on time. After spending a good 2 hours getting an overview of what needed to be done, he gave me interesting and insightful design ideas which I utilized. Because the project needed myriad different tradesmen, carpenter, plumber, painter, electrician,I was relieved to find out that all could be had at All Star. The price for this complex and involved task was quite reasonable and the quality of work exceptional. All people involved were profession, knowledgeable and friendly. I have and will continue to recommend All Star Contractors to friends. C.M.
  • We used All Star Contractors when we found out we were going to have a baby. We suddenly needed a nursery and basement converted to a family room. Bill came over very soon after we called and walked through our townhouse to see what could be done. He talked us through several options, from minor to major, giving us an idea on the costs and time involved for each option. He quickly wrote up an estimate and began the scheduling process for the work. The solution he created for us gave us what we were looking for without the need for tearing up the entire house. About two weeks later, he and his crew started work. Thay were neat and very polite, working around our busy schedule. All Star was very good at coordinating with the electricians and inspectors, timing the subcontracting work so that it fit well into the overall project plan. The team had a very good attention to detail that resulted in a very nice fit and finish to the work. When they were finished, we had a very nicely crafted baby nursery and basement family room. Robert and Joanne.
  • Your workmanship is undoubtedly excellent.
  • Dear Bill, Well, at last we have officially got a sunroom. Everyone that has seen it with the furniture in have said how great it looks, so you never know, you might get some work from it I will send you a photo. Hope to see you when you a quiet day, so that you can do the storm door. Till then, we wish you and your family all the best of good health and happiness and a wonderful Thanksgiving! .
  • Bill, Thanks for the great job you and your guys did for us. It looks wonderful!!! We were quite impressed with your work and will be calling you again in the future. Thanks again for the terrific job and your fairness.
  • Bill, I love the addition you built on my house! You and your men did an excellent job and I'd recommend you to everyone. Thanks for being so careful and neat.
  • Bill, I'm so pleased with the deck you built around my swimming pool! Especially the ingenious trap doors you made to reach the skimmer and filter.  The deck makes our pool so much more enjoyable. Thanks for a job well done!!
  • Thanks for the professional job and the extra mile you went to please us.
  • We just received our C of O on the new addition. We are delighted with the final results. The renovation blends in well with our existing home. We were generally pleased with the quality of the job and glad to see it come in on time and budget. Thank you!
  • Thanks for all the wonderful work your men have done on our home! Your workers were accomodating, helpful, professional and focused. The sunroom is perfect;as well as the wrap a round porch, the 3 car garage with the second floor, the family room and the deck. I also appreciate the kitchen work that was done. It looks like a million bucks!!! Once again, Chuck and I and the children thank you.
  • Bill, Today, the electric was hooked up, which made the "Cabin" a finished product. I'm sitting here tonight admiring the beautiful job you did. I remember back when Valerie and I signed you on to do the job; I know then by your mannerisms, I had the right man for the job. What I didn't know back then;and as time went on, with all the changes we made, how much patience you had. That is one of the qualities you have that gave me alot of confidence in you. There were alot of decisions to make and with your openess and devotion to your trade, kept me at ease every step of the way. Your honesty was a main factor here and the "Cabin" would have never been hadn't I trusted you with the keys to our home while no one was at home. If you ever need recommendation as far as trusting you with keys to someone's home, you can tell them to call me.I want to especially thank you for finishing the job in time before I left for Montana. I know and John worked hard to do that. I also feel I made a good friend in hiring you. Someone that I trusted and confided in on things other than the "Cabin" That means alot to me and I enjoyed our temporary friendship. Bill, you are the absolute best!!!
  • I write this letter in recommendation of All Star Contractors. My family and I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Embley on the extensive renovation of our home. Bill's work has been of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Without any reservation, I highly recommend him. Throughout the course of the project, Bill's employees displayed a high level of professionalism, dedication and commitment to quality work. On a daily basis, we left our home open to him and his crew without any worry. His workers took special care to ensure that the work site was left in livable condition. The crew was extremely clean and tidy. At the end of the work day, they vacuujmed and mopped floor and walls. They also ensured that all tools and machines were not in the way which ensures the safety of the family and pets.  I also appreciated the fact that we were able to keep the cost of the project within our initial budget. My family had a wonderful experience with Bill and his All-Star crew. Weare totally enjoying the extra space and the magnificent home you have given us. Thank you! We look forward to working with you again in the near future.Roberta.
  • Cynthia and I want to thank you and your team for the exceptional work you did on our basement. The fine attention to detail and the willingness to be creative with the ceiling design really helped add height to critical places in our ceiling. The openess of the floor plan and flow of the rooms give the feeling and appearanceof another house inside our house. Our  2 1/2 year old loves the large carpeted play area and Cynthia and I have used the excercise room and media room on a regular basis. You and your team should be commended on a fabulous finished product. I will share my experience with my neighbors and invite them to take a look at the All Star Construction experience. We are very pleased with our basement and will highly recommend you to our friends and neighbors. Best Steven.



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