Part 23: Renovations - Renovations - Renovations

After excavation is done, a footing drain has to be installed to drain the water seepage away from filtering through the foundation. One problem, the new drain has to tie into the existing footing drain if it's functioning properly. A big expensive problem is if the existing footing drain does not flow correctly. I found that over 50% don't, some aren't even hooked up properly. You can now see all that has to be previously properly done or vast amounts of dollars has to be added for an addition with a full basement. Let's say all is well so the renovation-addition can move forward for the footing inspection. If the inspection passes, the footing can be poured.

Next up is that mason to either pour concrete wall, lay block or have factory pre-built modular foundation brought in.

After the foundation is in, a foundation inspection takes place. If all is ok you can start construction on your proposed bathroom-renovation and addition. It's as easy as that "Lol!" You can plainly see why a basement type addition-renovation is very rare! Moving forward the lumber can be delivered and framers can start working. The girders and floor joists are first up, then sub-floor and walls. Next up is the ceiling joists along with rafters and roof and wall sheathing. Some building departments have sheathing inspections. Next up is protecting all the above from weather. After sheathing approvals I like to paper + shingle the roof to get the addition-renovation waterproof.

Next in line is rough electric and rough plumbing, and HVAC. All three have to pass a rough inspection, before calling for a framing inspection. After the framing inspection is approved we can move forward and insulate. This also needs to pass inspection before anything can be closed up. Sheetrocking is next on the list and also has to be inspected in most addition-renovations. Windows and doors are next. Moving forward, taping-spackling and painting the walls and ceilings. Then inferior doors and flooring then trim. Lighting and plumbing fixtures can be installed and tiling or paneling. All have to pass a final inspection before you can get a C.O (certificate of occupancy).

It's as easy as that! One can imagine the tremendous expense of a full basement type addition-renovation. Next in the series will be addition-renovations over a crawl space type foundation.

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