Part 18: Renovations - Renovations - Renovations

Another straightforward renovation is by borrowing space from any room sharing the same partition. A larger bedroom that can spare losing some room or being transformed into some other type of usage or sacrificing a large bedroom closet or walk-in closet is an ideal usage of converting existing space. Renovations that are planned to be additional living space beyond the existing footprint must be accompanied by a sizable budget. These renovations require plans. Drawings that can satisfy zoning, plumbing, electrical and fire code officials. If the proposed renovation cannot be decided within the building lot envelope, a variance may be required. Example: every lot has "setbacks," setbacks are invisible lines within the borders or your property that can accommodate new construction. Renovations that go beyond the footprint or the existing are required to stay within these setbacks so as not to encroach on your neighbors bordering your property, going beyond that building envelope requires their approval.

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