Part 10: Renovations - Renovations - Renovations

A complete bathroom renovation offers unlimited possibilities and new design concepts. Some renovations stay with the existing space, while other renovations enlarge the existing space. Space can be created by adjusting other rooms size, using storage space, or using closet space. A limited bathroom renovation, staying with the usable existing space often is suggested to change the dated or the previous design. Sometimes it's merely for a change in tile or paint. Renovations of this type most often suggest changing fixtures and vanities that were design concepts of the previous owner. As stated in the last construction tip, if the valves are present and in working order it helps expedite the procedure saving time and we all know that time is labor, which is very expensive. A renovation that is practical saves both time and labor. "Fighting" the existing rough plumbing layout dramatically increases costs because of the very expensive entity of plumbing .

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