• Additions, major renovations and re-construction projects are extremely complex and the homeowner should never consider a contractor with less than 15 years experience. Preferably 25 years or more in the field should be the choice of the homeowner.
  • If the project is routine and the addition or removation is not complicated, a good experienced contractor should have little problems. If the layout of the proposed addition is complex, ie: on an angle or changing the building envelope, the owner should consider a surveyor first to lay out corners.
  • General contractors having a volume of experience are very well acquainted with all the different phases of the construction from design to finish. Additions, renovations, in-law suites, re-construction, second floor and attic conversions all require a vast knowledge of the phases of the project. Masonry, excavation, landscaping, framing, sheathing, windows, doors, roofing, siding, insulation, drywall, spackling, painting, gutters, exterior trim, interior trim, tiling, cabinets, plumbing, electric, HVAC, radiant heat, flooring, appliaces, installation, etc, etc...All of the above take many many years of experience to supervise or master all of the above entities! I think thirty years or more should make the homeowner comforable with their builder's ability.
  • Additions, second story conversion, major renovations, add-a-level, in-law suites are complex projects that require a vast experience with all the codes and procedures to assure a smooth project.
  • Additions and renovations also require adequate funding. The homeowner should always have a reserve fund for any ideas that materialize during the course of the project....and there are always new ideas that require additional funds.
  • The different elements of major renovations and additions require different levels of experience. Excavators should have a minimum of 10 years experience, masons,15 years, framers, 15/20 years, sheathers, 5 years, siders, 5/10 years, roofers, 8/10 years, sheetrockers, 5/10 years, tape and spacklers, 10/15 years, tilers, 20 years, cabinet installers, 10 years, window and doors, 8/10 years, flooring, 5/10 years, carpet, 5/10 years, painters, 15/20 years. If the general contractor has 20 years or more, he has adequate time in the field and exposure to all of the above trades. Plumbing and electrical and HVAC is usually done by individual subs with proper licenses.

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